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WINTER AVAILABILITY is as follows.  We will come to the beach to any day you desire during our “off season”, as long as our $150 minimum is met And Scheduled 24 hrs In advance.  Due to winter weather we flex schedule (as long as your agenda permits), allowing us to watch radar get your ride out with the least amount of precipitation possible!         Hourly rate of $45 + tax so three people can enjoy a hour long ride or if a couple wishes they can either ride for a hour and a half or just a hour with the remaining balance issued as a gift certificate for future use!  Credit Card payment is due at time of booking and fully refundable with a four hr notice.  

One Hour Beach Ride


Come with us along  the ocean shores on this walk-trot ride.  Suitable for all ages.  Children under five can ride free with an adult at no extra charge.  Our loading ramp helps you into the saddle with ease.  Reservations are advised  but not required as long as your schedule allows for flexibility.  


$45 + Tax offseason rates

10am, 11:30, 1:00, 2:30, 4:00pm 

 Year round if open.

Two Hour Beach Ride


A little faster paced ride that goes to the south end of the beach, tide permitting.  This ride is for confident riders, ten or older.  Furthermore, this ride leaves only once daily so reservations are advised.  

Cost $90 + tax  offseason rates

October thru April: 1:00 pm

May thru Sep: 9:00am



The best value in adventure and dining on the coast.  This includes riding to the southern end of the peninsula where, Wranglers then take a group picture as well as individual parties with the most scenic backdrop of anywhere on the peninsula.  After which we head back to the corral, as sun begins setting, where riders are greeted by 12-16oz  USDA Choice, Grain fed Beef Ribeyes that are aged, hand carved and seasoned with freshly ground spices  and cooked over a mesquite charwood fired grill.  Served with baked potatoes, beans, pasta salad, bread, seasonal fruit or dessert.  While having the amenities of a restroom, tables, bench’s and wash basin at their disposal while eating around a fire pit. Digital copies of group photos are sent to individual parties.  Many riders have sathis is the best meal of their vacation as well as the most memorable.  This is the ultimate family excursion.  

    Payment is due at the time of booking and refundable if rained out or we do not meet our minimum of 8 riders, which will be determined by 3pm that day.  Reservations highly recommended however if minimum is met, additional spots maybe available.


$80+tax kids 5-14

$90+tax 15 and up

FrI. & Sat. night 

Ride leaves at various times thruout the year

Sunset Ride


This ride is offered  only on Fri, Sat and Sunday unless by reservation, skies permitting.  It is a hour and fifteen min long and provides as scenic and breathtaking of view as can be had.  We try to be off of beach just before actual sunset. Guaranteed by reservation only however, walk ups are welcome if horses are available.  


$75 + tax offseason rates 

Ride times depend on actual sunset.

Vis-a-Vis Carriage


For those that prefer the comfort of a cushioned seat, spring suspension and the the melodic sound of CLIP CLOP thru town, than this is for you. Whether you prefer a ride thru the old homes of historic Seaview with or without your favorite bottle of wine, a trip thru bustling downtown Long Beach, or a ride to one of our finer dining establishments in the area, the choice is yours in our Victorian styled, Seahawks themed Vis’ a Vis’ Carriage.  We can accommodate 4 adults comfortably or 2 adults and 4 kids.

Carriage Ride Rates

$60+tax for 1/2 hour, $90+tax for a hour or $150+tax for two hours of service while you dine or ride.

Wedding Rates

Long Beach or Seaview $250+tax, Ocean Park, Oysterville or Ilwaco $300+tax, Off the peninsula is $350+tax+$1.00 per mile, one way.  Gratuity not included.

Private Rides


       Want to make it special?  Have special needs such as Photo Shoot or Wedding Proposal?  Private rides are available and can be guaranteed by reservation or if schedule and guide availability allows .  


$90 per hour, per horse. 2 horse minimum charge  Offseason rates

Another beautiful sunset over the Pacific Ocean, on the Long Beach Peninsula.

Our Policy and Commitment

We at Long Beach horse rides appreciate your Business and enjoy seeing you and your family year after year. We are here to provide positive learning experiences and FUN for all ages. Your satisfaction and safety are our #1 priorities. Bring your family and friends to share in our knowledge of horses and experiences that last a lifetime. So come kick up your boots, listen to the music and relax. FUN is what we do best. This is FUN. This is The LONG BEACH HORSE RIDES.

Office (360) 642-2576

J.P Haug (360) 783-2376

Jade Morton MGR (360) 244-2369

Long Beach horse rides specializes in horseback adventures, working with the city of Long Beach and accredited by various organizations such as; Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, 4-H, Job corps, Church camps, and special needs groups throughout the Pacific Northwest. 

     We have been family owned for 25+ years. Staff has over 140 years worth of experience with equines and animal husbandry in general.  Come and let us share our knowledge and experience with you!


Tripadvisors 2018 winner - Horseback Riding

King5’s 2017 winner - Horseback Riding 

NW Escapes - Horseback Riding 

Outfitter & the list goes on! 

Hug your horse , Tip ur wrangler!

I cannot say thank you enough to our Horses, Landowners, Adrift Distillary, Jade Morton and the Mortonettes’, the HAUG family and all the volunteers that make this possible.  We start each day earlier than most, Feeding, Checking, Gathering , Grooming, Tacking, Riding, Watering Etc. Only to do it all again that night, long after most have called it a day, as our horses matter the most. If due to circumstances there needs to be water hauled @1am, guess where we’ll be, Haulin water!  Within 20 minutes of the corral,our herd utilizes about 600 acres of numerous landowners’ pastures and meadows for grazing and rest the majority of the year. We have our hay trucked in from inland due to increased nutritional value.  We feed between 350-500 round bales of hay and.along with countless tons of grain this winter already!  Our Horses, which includes Breeding Stock, Foals, Draft Horses, Dude String, and the “Retirees“, consume over a a ton of grain rations every week!  These consist of Distillers grains, flaked corn, rolled oats, 14% all stock, sweet feed, hydrated beet pulp, alfalfa pellets, proteins and Purina Senior Feed.  The hours we put in are too vast to count.

     Our rates are as cheap as anywhere in the country. About an hour from here they charge $95 for 45min.  We believe, by keeping our rates low, we allow the opportunity for a broader spectrum of people to be able to enjoy and interact with our equines and us , creating the same fond memories for your family and friends that many of you recall from riding with us, 25 years ago!

     That being said, after your family has a enjoyable and safe ride, please feel free to tip  your wranglers as this is what’s affords them the time to spend their day, making sure your satisfaction and our horses well being are their #l priorities, while allowing us to keep prices within everyone’s budget, in a “Dookie“ free setting! Tips make a Huge Difference and allow them to be here, sharing this wonderfully, therapeutic experience with your family. They also understand some cannot  afford to do so and thats ok as well, a great time shall be had by all!

      We offer PONY RIDES 4 FREE, all we ask is if you can afford to tip the young lady or gentlemen that takes your child on a pony ride, please do so.  It provides encouragement to keep the dookie picked up, and puts boots on the feet that are circling in the sand, perhaps for a family’s Child that 

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We’ve got y’all taken care of!

We’ve got horses for a small lady, we’ve got horses for you and your baby, we've got horses for wheeled carts, we’ve got horses for ol’ farts, we’ve got horses for tall guys, we’ve got horses for your small fries, turns out we’ve got horses for all yall‘s size.  

We can handle groups of 20+ which allows for most family’ and groups to participate at one time!  Accompanied by the best in the business.  You’ll notice our staff’s eyes are on you and the horses underneath you, ensuring that y’all are well taken care of!

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Spring has Sprung Special

From now thru June 1, when you or your family rides once at reg. price anytime during the week, comeback and ride again on a weekday for 1/2 off of hours rides or 7 day availability if for the 2 hr!!!!!  Moms and Dads love this special!

Petting Barnyard

Almost complete with little critters, either in the making or waiting to make you and your kids smile!  Kid goats, piglets, chickens, rabbits along with baby foals and mules at various times of the year.  COMING SOON!

Chicken POOP Bingo!

It’s not VEGAS, but then neither are we.  When riding with us, it’s not a gamble whether or not you’ll have a good time.  This is just one more of those country activities that are sure to be a hoot!

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Yearly schedule, as best we can describe.

Primary season May 1-Sept. 15

2 hr Leaves at 9a.m.

1 hr Leaves at 10a.m., 11:30a.m., 1p.m., 2:30p.m., 4p.m. One hr maybe booked for 9a.m by reservation.  

Off-Season Sept 16-April 30

2hr leaves at 10a.m. You 

1 hour same as primary.  

WE try to be availble on most weeks and during  the week we will stop what we’re , doing and bring horses in, for you or your group to ride for a $150 minimum ..  

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409 Sid Snyder Drive, Long Beach, Washington 98631, United States

(360) 642-2576

Hours 4 pre-ride reg. & reservations-conclusion of final ride


09:00 am – 05:30 pm


09:00 am – 05:30 pm


09:00 am – 05:30 pm


09:00 am – 05:30 pm


09:00 am – 05:30 pm


08:30 am – 06:00 pm


08:30 am – 06:00 pm